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Deploying business intelligence and impactful creative to help brands reach the right audience at the right time.
For paid digital advertising to work at its best, it needs to combine data, imagination, and expertise. When these things connect, brands grow and prospects become customers.
As marketing specialties go, few change as much (or as often) as paid media. That’s because platforms, channels, and display networks are always evolving along with their audiences. This constant change can be fun for users, but comes at a price for brands without the time, in-house experts or latest tools to stay on top of never-ending shifts and trends.
When you engage MDEPL for paid advertising, you put a team of specialists to work for your brand. But more than that, you also add data scientists, copywriters and designers who know the digital landscape and collaborate to produce engaging ads that get results.
And when we talk about results, we most want to talk about the results that matter to you – leads, sales, revenue, utilization – not only the metrics that agencies like to measure. We’re passionate about diving into business data to get a complete picture of your customers, your business, and our performance.
Driven By Data Science
Any media team will tell you that data and analytics are key to an effective digital campaign. What they might not tell you, however, is how they’ll connect campaign metrics to business results across the entire customer journey.
To see problems and opportunities in real-time, we look to integrate paid media metrics with data at the business level. When we can connect advertising with business performance, it becomes easier for us to show the effect of ad spend. This level of integration also enables us to respond rapidly to business needs and opportunities as they arise – for example, by diverting spend to a struggling location or capitalizing on a fast-selling product. 
When you’re devoting precious marketing dollars to pay-per-impression or pay-per-click advertising, you need to know that all of your ad spend is being used effectively. That’s why we look to push beyond simplistic attribution models to truly understand where ad spend is generating assists, even if it’s not scoring the points.
Powered By Fresh Creative
Research into your audience’s needs and behavior tells us a lot about who you’re trying to reach – and what matters to them. We build strategically paid audiences that reflect audience research (without over targeting), then refine those audiences based on performance.
But while data helps you find the target, the right messaging and design lets you hit the bullseye. MDEPL’s paid media team works with our talented copywriters and award-winning designers to create experiences that genuinely connect with your audience. Because our paid and creative teams collaborate closely, we have the ability to adapt and adjust our approach very quickly and to the benefit of your PPC marketing efforts. 
Where keyword research, business data and marketing analytics form a solid foundation, our creatives build on it by giving your ads a human touch. By working together, we meet the expectations of your audience, improve your visibility, and force your competition to take notice.
Our Paid Media Approach
A/B testing and constant optimization are critical to paid digital advertising. And naturally, we put great effort into iterating successful strategies and maximizing the value of your ad spend by analysing performance and driving down your cost-per-click.
However, if all you do is optimize existing tactics, you risk taking a blinkered approach and missing opportunities. Too narrow a focus isn’t without risk – individual tactics sometimes have a way of working until they don’t.
At MDEPL, we strongly believe in treating paid media data as audience research (you paid for it, after all), maximizing its value by feeding it back not only into tactics, but into strategy.
Adopting an iterative, sprint-based approach, we take audience insights from campaign performance data and test our original strategy. Were our original assumptions about our audience correct? What else did we learn? With a more complete, more nuanced picture of our audience, are there new campaigns or tactics we might try? In the end, it comes down to being not just a media agency, but a business partner – which is always the role we want.
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